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Hawkeyes vs Northwestern – Big Game, Long Tailgate

Well Hawkeye fans, it has been a long week, but it is time to look forward to Northwestern.  The Penn State loss was tough, but I blame it on two things.  Pure evil, of course, and the road.  The Hawkeyes have had a number of ugly road games going back to last year.  I can’t blame them, traveling is a pain. You have to worry about delays, TSA and the overwhelming fear that your hotel mate has a picture of your toothbrush in an uncomfortable and unhygienic place.  There are none of those issues this weekend, as it is back to the warm embrace of Kinnick Stadium.

I knew I was over the Penn State loss around Wednesday when Mrs Hawkeye Bean returned my shoelaces, pillow case and unchained me from the radiator.  My mind was already focused on this weekend.  Oh, the possibilities.  First, revenge against Pat Fitzgerald, Dan Persa and their litter of Wildcats.  We owe them for concussing Shonn Greene, hurting Ricky Stanzi’s ankle and making our d-line tired. I think they might have even won those games, but I can’t remember.  Who can remember anything Northwestern does? Next, we have a night game, which means more happy, happy fun time for Hawkeye fans.  I have already laid out my schedule.

2:30 Leave Chicago
3:45 Curse Chicago Traffic
5:00 Curse Chicago Traffic again.
8:00 Arrive in Iowa City
8:01 Wonder why we ever left Iowa City
8:02 Feel old and remember why we left Iowa City
8:03 Adult beverages
8:04 – 3am Go to bed, probably closer to 8:04

6:00 Arise in a panic for work
6:15 Nature’s necessities
6:30 Pilates
8:00 Mickey’s for breakfast
9:00 Think before I drink
10:00 Pregame at a downtown bar (preferably one that was around in ’94)
12:00 Begin a nomadic journey of Hawkeye Tailgates
3:30 PDA with Mrs. Hawkeye Bean
3:45 Debate European Debt reform w/Drunk Hawk fan in port-a-potty line
4:45 Lose debate as Drunk fan maps world economic prosperity
4:46 Arrive at head of port-a-potty line
5:00 Compete in the Iowa City Ironman (time permitting)
5:45 Head to Kinnick

There are also two extra, extra special events going on weekend. Hawkeye Bean has been invited to a tailgate of Hawkeye bloggers including (I think), Hawkeyebeat.com, Plannedsickdays.com, Blackheartgoldpants.com, Iowahawkart.com and others I’m sure.  That is a lot of important people.  It is at Finkbine, which to me is like Mongolia.  It is a rolling plain country in a far away land and I hear the people there are excellent bareback horsemen.   I’m going to try and make it, the only question is should I rent a tux?

The next wonderful event is one of my all time favorite Hawkeyes, Jared DeVries, was named Honorary Captain.  DeVries is one of the great Iowa Boy Hawkeyes.  He almost beat Michigan in ’98 while wearing Red Wing Boots and holding a chew cup.  The dude could play and it is great to see him honored.

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