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Iowa vs Northwestern – Greatest Gameday Environment Ever?


Saturday’s Hawkeye victory over Northwestern was the best gameday environment I can remember. Kinnick Stadium was rocking and kudos to the people behind all the special additions, like the ANF Card Stunt. I’ll give a full run down of the game and weekend highlights later, but just wanted to get some pictures out.

The America Needs Farmers Card Stunt looked great.
2011 Iowa Hawkeye Card Stunt

And of course the Black & Gold looked great as well.
Iowa Black and Gold Game

Now this was a surprise, a Tigerhawk on the water tower. There are many Hawkeye fans who are now free to die, as their last wish has come true.
Tigerhawk Water Tower

This one was the best, I can’t believe they played it on the big screen right as the Hawkeyes were coming out of the tunnel. Okay, okay maybe I dreamed that one.   Best to save something for 2013.

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