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Hawkeyes in Insight Bowl – Hawkeye Bean on the Couch

Shortly after they announced the Hawkeyes would take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the Insight Bowl, I spent $4,500 on a 1985 BMW 635csi.   Initially, I missed the connection.  I wasn’t really planning on making the Bowl trip this year.  Well, maybe a Florida trip and, of course, you sell a kidney to go to the Rose Bowl or National Championship game.   However, I had basically ruled out a trip to Phoenix.  I made eight Iowa games this year and also went to the Georgia/Miss St. game during the Hawkeye’s bye week.   I thought I was pacified until at least the spring game.  Like I said, I thought.  Then the text, phone calls, and random questions began.  ”So….you going?”   Nope, just bought a car, followed by a pouty face.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new bimmer.   It is perfectly acceptable for a guy my age to drop  money on a 26 year old beauty as long as it has four wheels and a gas tank.  However, the money spent was clearly the discretionary bowl fund.   This is about being responsible.  After all, men are just boys with responsibility and I’m a man dammit!  Mrs. Hawkeye Bean, being the greatest woman on earth, knows there is still a boy in there.  A boy who even 24 hours from kickoff is pricing $900 flights, juggling airline miles, and basically just leaving the door open.  She has secured someone to watch our daughter and I believe is quietly hoping I crack.   But really, the time has passed.  If it was 20 years ago and I still had my dad’s Amoco card, I would have blown off work this morning, hopped in the BMW, stuck in a Beastie Boys cassette, and drove the 1,756 miles to Phoenix with the lovely Mrs. Hawkeye Bean beside me.  Then again, 20 years ago the Hawkeyes were in San Diego Holiday Bowl, I was driving a Buick Skylark that couldn’t make it around the block and I worked for my dad.  He would’t have fired me, but probably would have killed me for putting 3,4oo miles on the Amoco card at $1.14 a gallon to watch the #10 Hawkeyes tie BYU.   Damn you Ty Detmer!

Nope, I’m home for this one.  Time to send Norm Parker out a winner and bring home another Insight Bowl trophy.  The couch is not a bad place to celebrate a Hawkeye upset of the Sooners…..or…..ORD to PHX $893 x 2.

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